Mountain Walk 6 – Symbolism

Gathering drawings, photos, notes, ideas on the hoof Ascent To heaven Navel of the world- closest connection to the heavens umbilical cord Hence yogic mountain pose –  from heavens to world axis – vertical mass  ‘Intersection of the circle of the heavens and that of earth’ Rising above Looming over Watching over Home of the Read more

Tread Softly

20 May 2023 Barnavave Deserted Village, Temporary On site Exhibition  Barnavave, just above Carlingford, where I’ve been invited by @suzanne_carroll_artist to participate in a site specific exhibition on the mountain side among the remains of a deserted village, abandoned for almost a century at this point. breath, bones, thorns, potatoes and stones is a temporary Read more

Mountain Walk 4 – Maps

Gathering drawings, photos, notes, ideas on the hoof who decides what is delineated on the map cartography multiple view points windows perspectives- what is foregrounded? a map of… big stones, water, fall points, pee spots, viewpoints of ?, holes hoof prints, sheep grazing, elements mapping intangible contours- electricity, history traces, radio waves, magnetic fields the  Read more