“The artist’s mission must not be to produce an irrefutable solution to a problem, but to compel us to love life in all its countless and inexhaustible manifestations.” Tolstoy

I make figurative work that includes portraiture, wildlife and landscape in drawings, paintings and prints.

I’m motivated by curiosity in the people, things and places around me and different perceptions of how the familiar functions. I continually find myself looking for means of escape, views that offer a glimpse of the imaginative possibilities offered in the mundane and everyday.

Drawing is the basis and beginning of all my work.

Drawing is essential as a way of finding, recording and working out ideas, of getting to know a subject in an almost tactile sense, as a method of study and observation, as a means of reflection, experimentation and expression.

My practice for the past 20 years has at times involved performance, installation, costume design for stage (drag, carnival, theatre and dance), interactive digital media, film and animation.