Bruegel in Vienna

This video is from a recent trip I made to the Once In A Lifetime Bruegel exhibition in the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna. You can view amazing macrophotography images of some of Bruegel’s most well known works here

I’m struggling with what to write in Post no 1 – All about me me me?  Why should I write a blog?


I’ll find out soon enough.

One of my main reasons for starting a blog is to pull together in one place some of the eclectic and arcane pictures, stories, info, places  –  general STUFF – that catches my interest, and sometimes finds its way into my work.

This includes, but is not restricted to:

The Dutch masters and Northern Renaissance, old sewing patterns, bleak landscapes, taxonomy, circuses and carnivals, bowls, mythical beasts and all real creatures too, etymology, faces, islands, colour, movement, maps, sticks, fires…

Maybe it’ll make it more coherent to me.

I’d like to start conversations too – around inspirations, learning, processes, frustrations. Funny is always welcome too. Haha.

So feel free to comment below.

When I work out how to add a Comments section.

I’ll also be posting about work I’m making and work I’m loving – why, how and where.

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