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Gathering drawings, photos, notes, ideas on the hoof

Just stop

Touchstones, landmarks- identity, memory- give them a word, name them make them solid, real- differentiate a stone from all other stones

Walking running stitches steps

Sheds – tin roofs – shed
Big sky
Sunspots on sea and mountain

Reflection- invert sky and earth reversal

Mountain – no owner
Common ground
Mountain to sky
Solid slow moving to nebulous rapidly changing

Lines of communication- telephone pole= figure
Signal posts
Power lines

Flocks of birds- in air on shore formation

Fences – lines- parallel lines – sheds
Imposition of order

Steps – step counter- mark on a big long stream of paper – tangled like brambles
Steps = thorns
Wyn bush thorns
Distinctive Smell and colour
thorny person – like a briar theday

Trying not to name things

Mountain as a sentient being – has a character- a ‘ personality’
A voice-Windpipe, wind hum- wind pipe
Teeth pipes
Pan pipes
Gate pipe tune


complicated and thorny – no solidity, centre – difficult
Sleeping Beauty- hack away through the thorns to get to the love, the prize, the glowing heart
Sleeping Beauty POV – hacking a way out – dormant, resting, shut in blinds down, repressed, – bursting out, slashing out, lashing out,

Reliquary crown of thorns

Many thanks to the Arts Council Ireland / An Chomhairle Ealaíon for the Agility Award which made this project possible.