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Gathering drawings, photos, notes, ideas on the hoof

who decides what is delineated on the map


multiple view points windows perspectives- what is foregrounded?

a map of… big stones, water, fall points, pee spots, viewpoints of ?, holes hoof prints, sheep grazing, elements

mapping intangible contours- electricity, history traces, radio waves, magnetic fields

the  mountain presence- the mountain orogeny

co ordinates

gravity weight grounding


dot matrix

3 d dot matrix


contours of the invisible

history leaving yearning hunger push pull breath air wind rain sinking desire elements

discernable measurable

contours – tides, layers, goat horns, -a calendar – 

landscape as a calendar

“A map is a visual representation of an entire area or a part of an area, typically represented on a flat surface. The work of a map is to illustrate specific and detailed features of a particular area”


Tectonic plate

Marking all the x…..

Micro maps

A rock surface, stream bed, 1 ft square of mountain


Steps stitches breadcrumb trail

pebble trail

Find a way home 

Find a way out, a way back

Map the gap

Mind the gap

Standing in gaps


Many thanks to the Arts Council Ireland / An Chomhairle Ealaíon for the Agility Award which made this project possible.