Mountain Walk 6 – Symbolism

Gathering drawings, photos, notes, ideas on the hoof


To heaven

Navel of the world- closest connection to the heavens

umbilical cord

Hence yogic mountain pose –  from heavens to world axis – vertical mass 

‘Intersection of the circle of the heavens and that of earth’

Rising above

Looming over

Watching over

Home of the Gods

Home of the sídhe

“Hollow interior is the Land of the dead …hero asleep inside the mountain …myths of Entanglement eg Sleeping Beauty …myths concerned with the mystery of disappearance between appearance and reappearance” (Dictionary of Symbols, Cirlot) 

Sleeping giant – resurrection? Messiah?

sleeping beauty

Effort and reward- the view, the escape, solitude

The end of effort

Sisyphean – reward is fleeting , always more mountains to climb

“We climbed up the mountain and whaddaya think we saw?

We saw another mountain”

Ancient scout chant

Symbolism of the common ground-

What can it be used for? Legally – find out

Common purpose

A site place for negotiating negotiations 

stone ring with charcoal overlaid like rain clouds 

Many thanks to the Arts Council Ireland / An Chomhairle Ealaíon for the Agility Award which made this project possible.