Walk 3 Wed April 12 Barnavave – Tread Softly Project

On site exhibition Saturday 20 May 12-5pm This time a site visit to Barnavave, just above Carlingford, where I’ve been invited by artist Suzanne Carroll to participate in a site specific exhibition on the mountain side among the remains of a deserted village, abandoned for almost a century at this point. Some hard facts – Read more

Mountain Walk 2 Geology

Gathering drawings, photos, notes, ideas on the hoof FormationThe rock we stand on – Ireland was formed about 440million yrs ago 35deg south of the equatorRegional metamorphism results from the large-scale processes of plate tectonics. Rocks caught up in an orogeny (mountain building event) will be deformed and buried, leading to the growth of new Read more

Mountain Walk 1: Wed 1 Mar 2023

Gathering drawings, photos, notes, ideas on the hoof Just stopStillAffordances Touchstones, landmarks- identity, memory- give them a word, name them make them solid, real- differentiate a stone from all other stones Walking running stitches steps ReflectionSheds – tin roofs – shedBig skySunspots on sea and mountainStones Reflection- invert sky and earth reversal Mountain – no Read more

Mountain Walks

I am very lucky to have landed here in the world, with mountains and sea close up against my doors and windows. The mountains, in particular, are a compelling presence – making me want to climb them in all weathers, seasons and times of day. The ridge I can see from my kitchen includes Slieve Read more