Motion Marks

Motion Marks is a multi disciplinary public art project for An Tain Art Centre’s 2021 Off Site programme.

Drawing live from a moving dancing figure leaves no time to plan the marks being made, it forces a direct eye-to-hand connection and the brain has no time to interfere.

I’ve been holding live dance drawing sessions with dancer, actor and choreographer Fiona Keenan O’Brien for several years. During this project I am painting Fiona’s dancing figure onto large flags while she is improvising movement live. These will be hoisted at locations in Dundalk Town Centre in April 21 – restrictions allowing. Musician Zoë Conway is composing an audio track, available to listen to online at the flag locations by scanning a QR code.

The movement, execution and presentation of the work relates to themes of limitation, adaptation and freedom in our current locked down state, the shifting boundaries of public and private in relation to the physical body, negotiating balance between safety and freedom, the symbolism and emotive propoerties of flags, the movement and reactivity, and site specific ideas around territory and marginal spaces and borders – physical, mental and cultural.

Motion Marks studies are now available for sale here

Drawing live dance
Flag Painting and Live Dance by Zoom in Lockdown (Music Credit: Plastic Bertrand: Ca Plane pour Moi )

This work is generously supported by An Tain Art Centre and Create Louth